Planet Ocean large-format exhibition

The exhibition consists of 80 to 100 large prints of photos by Laurent Ballesta with captions by Pierre Descamp on marine biodiversity and conservation of the marine environment.

Items of street furniture designed for open-air exhibitions are also on offer. They are specially designed by Mr Joël Sarin, metal-smith and companion of the Tour de France.

Picture size: 120 x 180cm

Languages available: French, English, Italian, Japanese, Thai

Street furniture specifications: width 200cm, height 245cm, depth 80cm, 8cm adjustable feet


Scientists believe that oceanic waters come from outer space… from comets of snow and ice that rained down on the Earth 4 billion years ago.

Could that be why the marine environment seems so strange to us? It might be possible when we think of the difference between life on land and in the sea, where other laws hold sway.

Here live plants that swim … animals that look like plants and seem to have roots… or again fish that turn bright red to disguise themselves.

This wonderful world, to difficult to grasp and yet so close to us, holds a great many more secrets.

The oceans, which cover 75% of the planet, are scarcely better understood than Mars or Saturn, and most marine species, from minute bacteria to giant squid 15 metres long,

remain to be discovered.

But probably the most puzzling thing is to realise that this “other world”, for which we have no yardstick, embraces our past and will condition our future.

At the start of this new millennium, scientists remind us daily that we are dependent on the broad natural equilibrium.

The examples are endless. However insignificant plankton algae may seem, they are nonetheless absolutely indispensable because they produce 80% of the oxygen in the air we breathe.

As for food from the sea, fish, crustaceans and molluscs are the main source of protein for a billion human beings.

This world of enchantment is now imperilled. The inhabitants of the oceans – starting with the most alluring species – are everywhere in danger. The widespread belief that

marine species are less prone to extinction than land species is false. Global warming, pollution, over-fishing – the list of harm we inflict on the oceans is very long.

Sustainable use of marine resources, curtailment of biodiversity erosion and species extinction are the main challenges humans will have to face, not in future centuries but within the next twenty years.

Let us hope that the delight and wonder raised by this magnificent “Planet Ocean” exhibition will arouse our awareness and respect and make us face this formidable challenge head on.

Planet Ocean small-format exhibition

The small Planet Ocean exhibition on the same theme is much simpler to install. It consists of 51 panels (44 horizontal / 7 vertical) and 2 vertical presentation panels.  Size: 80 x 120cm Caption included: French/English.

Thematic exhibitions

The Andromede slide library holds about 25000 pictures taken in all the seas over the globe. This database can be used as a basis for thematic exhibitions (Arctic/Antarctic, global warming, etc.).

Do you want to organise a Planet Ocean exhibition in your town or would you like a quotation for rental of our exhibition furniture? Contact us.

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