Who are we ?

Andromeda Oceanology is an innovative company founded in 2008 by Laurent Ballesta and Pierre Descamp whose purpose is to lead any project related to the study and valorization of the marine environment.
For the anecdote, the name Andromeda was chosen in memory of the discovery by Laurent Ballesta of the Andromeda goby in the reserve of Cerberus / Banyuls in 1998.

Activities Andromeda Oceanology are organized into three divisions:
- An office center studies, whose expertise capabilities include those related to bathymetry, mapping,

environmental analysis and management of marine ecosystems.
- A recycling center, which manages the slide library Laurent Ballesta with more than 25,000 images and aims to develop its own knowledge of the marine environment projects.
- A research and development center in connection with the academic world (MNHN, University of Florida, University of Montpellier), participates in research programs that focus on the development of innovative techniques for the assessment, monitoring and improvement the health of marine ecosystems.

Andromeda Oceanology has a specifically dedicated hardware park in highly specialized field of ocean science: sidescan sonar, multibeam echo sounder, GPS positioning system-rtk, diving equipment, photographic equipment and video underwater, etc.
Since its creation Oceanology Andromeda has developed innovative techniques such as micro-scale mapping of marine habitats by acoustic telemetry or use of electronic recyclers suits for assessing fish populations (studies of fish different point of view).

Team Andromeda Oceanology has a unique experience in terms of deep naturalistic dive

independently with over 300 dives beyond 100 m depth.

These dives allow the discovery of new species and learn about emblematic animals as the Nautilus and the Coelacanth in their natural element more background 120m.

Besides a hundred studies for public actors (local authorities, the States, World Bank, etc.) or private and a major role in the European Natura 2000 process, Laurent Ballesta and Pierre Descamp are also authors of several TV documentaries, books (Planets SEAS, Gombessa, seductive little treatise for the use of the lovers of the Mediterranean, etc.) and many popular publications published in major magazines

(National Geographic, Paris Match, Geo, Daily Mail, etc.). Their work has been awarded more than 10 international awards.

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VEMCO Radio Acoustic Positioning System Exhibition at the French Senat, Paris Side scan sonar Klein 3900 Leafy sea dragon  (Phyllopteryx teaniolatus) Australia Nautilus (Nautilus macromphalus) New Caledonia
VEMCO Radio Acoustic Positioning System