Who are we ?

ANDROMEDE OCEANOLOGY is a French independent company, highly experienced, able to conduct any type of project linked to the study and valuation of the marine environment.

Andromede is doing bathymetry, habitats cartography, species inventories, but also ecological engineering and management plans.

The communication agency of Andromede, composed of graphic designers behind the leadership of Laurent Ballesta well-known underwater photographer, manage a worldwide bank of pictures of more than 25000 images and design all kind of communication material to spread environmental knowledge and education. ANDROMEDE's material park is specifically dedicated to the very specialized domain of submarine

survey: oceanographic systems (multibeam echosounder, side scan sonar, etc.), deep diving equipments, underwater photo & video.

Andromede is a major stakeholder in the framework of marine life conservation with an important participation to the implementation of the Natura 2000 network in France.

Besides about seventy specialized studies realized for public or private actors, Laurent Ballesta and Pierre Descamp, founders of Andromede, are also authors of several documentaries for TV, 1 book translated into 5 languages (Planet Ocean) and of numerous publications in the biggest European magazines (National Geographic, Paris Match, Geo, Daily Mail, etc.). Their works have been rewarded by more than 10 international prizes.

Our client base is drawn from a diverse sectoral background and includes industry, governments and international agencies who find in Andromede Oceanology a total independent advice and a gain in the environmental value and visibility of their projects.

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VEMCO Radio Acoustic Positioning System Exhibition at the French Senat, Paris Side scan sonar Klein 3900 Leafy sea dragon  (Phyllopteryx teaniolatus) Australia Nautilus (Nautilus macromphalus) New Caledonia
VEMCO Radio Acoustic Positioning System