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Multibeam echosounder

 GeoSwath is a multibeam echosounder which takes thousands of readings by impulses and gives virtually constant cover of the seabed. Such high resolution ensures that bathymetry maps are extremely accurate. The GeoSwath is also an interferometer: it provides side-scan sonar in shallow depths (< 20m).

The Geoswath consists of:

- A 2-screen micro-computer. Measuring equipment (DGPS, Echosounder, etc.) interface with the integrated computer to capture and link the measurements in real time. The capture system takes about 10 X, Y and Z points per second.

- GeoSwath+ software to capture data and process information

- TSS 205 height control unit to correct the rolling of the boat. Precision: 0.01 rolling and pitching, 0.01 course, 5% or 5cm heaving. Continuity of position and course during GPS

blackouts, integrated RTK option

- DGPS – compass of CSI Vector Sensor Pro, the GPS compass provides course and position accuracy by radar, sonar, course recorder and other integrated systems. Precision: 0.4m in inert central output with digital VHF link offset from a vehicle in the event of South blackout. Possibility

- RTK GPS with locally installed Trimble 5700 reference station (radio modem link).

- Valeport SVS velocity sensor to measure velocity to the nearest 1.5m/sec throughout the water column down to 100m

- GeoSwath multibeam echosounder, 2 250kHz transducers.

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