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Electronic recycler


The specific feature of this standalone apparatus is that is works in a closed circuit. Exhaled air does not escape from the regulator but is cleared of CO2 to be inhaled again by the diver. The principle is simple: a cartridge of soda lime traps the CO2 as it is exhaled. The mix is enriched with oxygen from a bottle and is constantly controlled by an electronic system. A reserve of diluent (compressed air or trimix) keeps the composition and volume of the mix stable at all depths. Inspiration is covered by an EC standard.

Wonderful stealthiness

With this equipment, no bubbles are released so stealth is total. Fish, be they predators or prey, no longer try and escape from the diver and so the major obstacle to observation of underwater fauna has been overcome.

Endless observation


With the Inspiration’s closed-circuit system, only the oxygen actually needed by the body is used up. This means an operating time of 7 hours regardless of depth. The diver is better insulated from the cold because the closed circuit, unlike conventional apparatus, delivers a warm, moist mix for breathing.

Enhanced diver safety


The safety system has triple oxygen analysers and dual computer mix control. Electronic control automatically delivers a mix with the least degree of saturation so diver safety is greater. To explain: a 20-metre dive with an electronic recycler is equivalent to a 10-metre dive with an open circuit. This also means that for equal depths and times, safety is considerably enhanced because saturation is lower than with a conventional open-circuit system.


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